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CRFM Fisheries Data and Information Access Point

 CRFM Fisheries Data and Information Access Point (CLICK HERE)

The overall purpose of this database is to enable access to documents (Word, PDF, etc.) and datasets (MS Access, dBase, Excel, and other Spreadsheets etc.); serving both as a data repository and bibliographic database. This database is managed by the CKAN platform and only supports data storage and search (CKAN is not a reporting system); notwithstanding that, it has a small module for data visualization

 In this database, an “Organization” is a group of users (e.g., national fisheries departments and organisations, which upload data and information), with different permissions to interact with the platform; while “Group” refers to a collection of datasets that are related (such as species-specific data, national overview data, bibliographic documents on a particular topic/species).

The Data repository attributes of the Database allow users to upload datasets and documents. This means that the different systems used by the Member States (i.e. Excel spreadsheet, or Access databases) can be found through queries and examined and relevant data can be downloaded, including subsets of the datasets. This system also allows older data formats (FoxPro, lotus, dBase etc.) to be uploaded and used as well.

People can inspect and examine the datasets, make standard analyses (according to the tools and attributes software associated with the dataset) from within the database. Alternatively, the datasets can be downloaded, and more extensive analyses can be made by combining or integrating the downloaded datasets.

Datasets within the database, and documents stored in the database can also be accessed through online searches (google, yahoo, etc.) depending if the document or database is made “public” by the owner.


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